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Daniel Grosmaire, an independent to represent Eden Monaro.

Quick Glance : Why? 

What has Labor/Liberal domination truly done for YOU? 

YOU pay MORE tax. YOUR taxes are wasted by Politicians with their generous pensions and helicopter rides. The fossil fuel industry still receives $28 Million a day in subsidies, with most profits going to foreign shareholders. 

Big corporations still pay little or NO TAX. And you are told this is legal, nothing can be done (who makes the law?). Mining Companies have greater rights than YOU and can pollute water, air and soil.

And these are only a few examples. 

And you, what do you get? Since Keating removed the indexation of wages on inflation, each year, YOU loose on your buying power. Eg. buying a house today costs you 4.5 times more than your parents paid. 

And the government of the day signs multiple deals to bring foreign-cheap-unqualified labour to take away YOUR job with unfair competition. 


Coalition promises tax cuts, they keep their promise to BIG business, and for YOU they delivered the GST and lowered YOUR disposable income. 

LABOR borrowed Billions. They told us it would protect us from the GFC. Instead they bailed out the big banks. Now banks made record profits and WE have a massive public debt, that WE must pay back. 

YOU and I are craving for change. WE all want something better. 

Do YOU really think positive change can occur with major party business as usual? Will YOU let them buy YOU with their 'promises' based on spending your taxes? Or hold them to account and demand their ideas for positive change instead? 

Will YOU simply wish for positive change or vote for it? As an independent, I work for YOU and will be dealing and negotiating with ANY government. 

There ARE solutions to improve OUR quality of life. But none in the major party status quo..

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What about the future?

The future is now. Any action you take in the moment influences your future.

All major parties will manage democracy and the economy as business as usual. With the same policies inspired from the major parties in the USA and Europe, do you really have any hope they can generate a better way than where they are?

If you want - if we want - to master our destiny, we need to act for it rather than complaining about the lack of leadership of individuals.

Do you want a POSITIVE change?

Do you wish for it or vote for it?

I believe incentives are better than subsidies and taxes. I believe a budget should be built around conservative estimates, to make sure we don't dig a hole of deeper national debt.  

Our quality of life is a direct result of how much we can earn, borrow and spend. The dramatic level of private debt is a clear indication we are all living way above what we can afford.

The old major party receipes, based on ideologies, have consistently failed to deliver. 

However, there are so many solutions supported by numerous scientists and economists, I can only provide a few links here, alternatively you can ask me a question so we can start a conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why you, rather than the major party representatives?

The major party representatives represent...their party. Hardly any of their policies aim to develop Eden Monaro. It's actually the opposite, serving an elite with national policies that actually hurt 99% of Australians and mostly those in rural areas.

What do you feel has changed for you in the last decade? Are you better off thanks to the federal government?

In this context, I want to empower you, as a citizen, a worker and a consumer, placing quality of life above wealth accumulation. 

I will establish local groups to discuss national matters and develop the issues of those I represent. Instead of polarising people one against another, we will work together to find a consensus approach for Eden Monaro. 

2. The major parties promise a lot of funding, but you?

They do promise a lot of money to a lot of people, I agree.

However this is government money, to be exact,your taxes. To be able to achieve their promise, they also need to get their party in government. I quote Mile Kelly's flyer: "If I'm elected I will work hard for our community and will always make sure we get our fair share". Meaning, even if his party is in government, there is no guarantee.

Do you see like me that if in opposition, it means that all promises are gone? All you have then is a representative to oppose.

Now, I am an independent and working only for the Eden-Monaro community. I will support all policies that we decide are good for us (see 1.). I can work with any government and party while holding them to account to their campaign promises.

3. Tell Me Again: what difference you'll make from Peter Hendy and Mike Kelly?

The current member, Peter Hendy, has been completely invisible during the last 3 years. To the point that many of his party faithful are the first to say it loud in the street.

The former member, Mike Kelly, claims he has delivered millions while previously in office. That's surely right. There is a small catch though, this led us from a position of surplus to a massive national debt that all major parties struggle to deal with now.

The 'elites' are failing across the world, stuck in policy tweaks of the last millenium, rather than reform for a new sustainable approach.

We can change the tax system to make sure everyone pays their fair share, in particular big corporations and millionaires. We can stop opening our borders to unregulated foreign powers with poor workplace standards, to restore fair competition in Australia and retain jobs.

We can redirect fossil fuel subsidies ($32 million a day) towards education and research and development for our own industry and businesses, and grow an economy around sustainable living.

We can improve democracy through 'Think global, act local'. A national frame with locally derived decisions. Recent council almagations are going inthe wrong direction. New councils will mix feather weight and heavy weight categories. How good can this be fair?

Australia is over governmed. I see state parliaments as an additional and unnecessary layer of government. Do we really need different state law and regulations for education, hospitals, police, planning and roads...? There is much more to save there! 

4. What's your major proposal?

The APT tax. It stands for Automated Payment Transaction tax.

It's being developed by a group of scientists at Wisconsin University and is supported by a large scientific community. The APT has been developed with a few implementation variations.

What is it? 

A tax on all financial transactions, roughly around 0.3% in Australia, which is half the smallest transaction fee of a bank card. And it can replaces all other taxes: income, business, GST, capital gain, fuel..

How is this possible? Taxation currently applies on only 30% max of all transactions. Taxing on a larger base, preventing from tax avoidance and leaks to tax havens, makes the tax not only lower but fair too.

Some tweaks will need to be negotiated too regarding cash, international transactions etc, in relation to national policies.

For someone earning only $18,000 a year, that's an extra $2,000 disposable income (from GST and fuel tax savings).

For someone earning $180,000 a year, that's $73,000 more in disposable income. 

What will you do with this money? Highly likely you're thinking of expenditure. Meaning more demand, leading to more supply, economic growth and jobs.

99% of Australians will be better off without feeling any pain for it.

Check this explanatory video here.

5. Where can I learn more about your positions?

I have a Facebook page @daniel4edenmonaro , feel free to ask any question, and a website for more general information daniel4edenmonaro.com.

6. Are you conservative or progressive?

On the flat political line I must admit to find it hard to position myself. I note fascism and communism although at the far opposite ends of the scale, just resulted in the same sort of governance.

I'm an ex soldier and a business owner that I started and developed for the last 6 years and proud parent of 10 children. 

I understand we live in a society and this means to me that we BENEFIT from being together. Therefore it doesn't remove the right of anyone to make their own choices, as far as assuming their own associated responsibility and not affecting negatively the lives of others (freedom principle). I also think that spirituality is a private matter and should not be imposed onto others in any way. 

I don't believe in conservation...as the world evolves anyway... I believe in science and common sense/observation more than any ideology. So you might qualify me as progressive.  

But I strongly believe in our national sovereignty (a usual conservative position) and can't see any party with a strong stand against unregulated globalisation that sets us in an unfair competition with poorer countries (where hardly any regulation/OH&S, no labour rights/paid leave etc). I might be more conservative than any other party on the scale on this point.

To explain it in a much better way with a graph, check this post on my blog.

7. Have you got a 'how to vote'?

During discussions with Eden-Monaro constituents, they always start by expressing their huge frustration with the major parties. I listen and then, they want to know what I think about their concerns. Invariably, we come to the same conclusion. 

They are ready to commit to an independent, however wondering what is my preference. And invariably, here is my answer. 

First, if I had one myself, I wouldn’t think about running as a candidate. I am frustrated of having no real choice. 

Independent of the results they have achieved, I like the economic and individual responsibility claimed by the right wing, I like that Labor promotes working as a ‘team’ and stronger social policy, and I like to think our children and grandchildren will inheret a planet that can sustain them, which is more the Greens motto.  

However, the Coalition introduced the GST and while in power for the 3 last years, is still looking at fixing the economy and the budget. How many decades in power do they need to do so? 

Labor looking after people? But they bailed out the banks and this free money didn’t go to the people, although the people will have to pay the associated debt incurred. As a result, they created greater inequality.  

The Greens, are still wondering what is best…Keeping a tree or cutting it and growing a replacement one. The dilemma they have between conservation and sustainability has not been sorted. In trying to establish themselves economically and as ‘worthy to govern’ they have adopted the same economic principles of the other 2!

Therefore no positive change can be expected. 

So, to answer my friends and their invitation, I am a candidate for Eden-Monaro. I was told to run for Senate, it is apparently easier to get a seat. But what is the interest of a seat where you can only prevent law to be passed. I want change, not a seat. 

Now, to be straight, I will obviously vote for change. And it has to be POSITIVE, at least for the majority of us. What if you support us and I don’t get elected? 

Will I preference any one? The answer is NO. 

You are only granted real power as a a citizen every 3 years. This is your chance to chose who will defend your positions the best. I believe other parties defend ideologies and not the people, and they are full of contradictions as seen above. 

Worse, if you vote for a major party, you vote for all of their policies whether you agree with them or not. You may get some nasty surprises. 

I honestly don’t know who to preference. 

But even more importantly, I strongly believe that you know better than I do where you stand and what you want! 

Hence, please, vote according to your views, just make sure you rank each candidate from 1 to 9….this is my preference too..

Authorised Daniel Grosmaire - 31 Lonergan Dr. Greenleigh NSW 2620